Top 9 Tips To Choose The Best Concealed Carry Holster Easily!

choosing concealed carry holster

The world of holster is unquestionably massive. It is massive, and that is amazing! More holsters indicate more choices and more choices mean there’s an ideal holster for everyone out there. I must say that iwb holster is at the top of everything!

However, there’s no one best concealed carry holster designed for everyone. There are many choices and different people have different tastes, so you need to choose one which meets your needs best. Holsters are just like the shoes in many ways. You will find ideal ones for particular people, for particular styles of outfit, and for various situations.

Discovering the top concealed carry holster to suit your needs may mean discovering multiple holsters. No matter how many best holsters you need or want, I’m here to help you.

I’m going to help you make the right decision and provide you the most comfortable concealed carry holster. Keep reading. This short video will help you a lot!

Accurate Fit:

Typical holsters fit nearly any pistol. However, can they do this well? No. Not to mention, the fit can be too loose or too tight. Retention can be everywhere. And they will not be easily concealable.

Holsters which fit any weapon have their own place, yet that place isn’t easy when you have to hide a gun. Ensure that you make use of a holster which has been made to suit your exact pistol model.

Craftsmanship Quality:

Quality will be something you must pay for in advance but can save you dollars over time.

I love the leather holsters. However leather is a natural material that is susceptible to deterioration, even when properly conditioned. Particularly, sweat can penetrate the leather and also make its own way to the gun! It means the leather will ultimately become useless as an ideal holster, in spite of its expense.

The Kydex holsters can last longer. At the same time, they don’t need conditioning as well as don’t care in case they get damp. Carbon fiber provides the same benefits as well.

Easy Adjustability:

The body of every person is distinctive, and the trousers you wear sooner or later may suit differently than the trousers you wear next.

So why would you hope a “non adjustable” holster to suit you appropriately? The probabilities are simply too low.

A few holster companies provide different choices for the holsters. For instance, sometimes you can purchase the similar holster in high and low ride heights.

Easy Drawing:

If you’re in need of drawing your pistol, then every second is important. You do not want to combat with the holster for drawing your gun!

Numerous factors impact how easy this is actually to draw the gun. An adequately molded “Kydex-holster” with suitable retention, placed at ride angle and height that is specific to the body, will make the gun jump into your company’s hands.


The one more side of the retention is just how effortlessly you can place the gun into your holster back.

If you need to draw the pistol, you must re-holster this when the threat has ended. But if the holster combats you on it, you can easily slip as well as drop your gun or even have negligent discharge!

The leather holsters can be troublesome for this purpose as they can easily collapse when there is no weapon inside, particularly IWB holsters. That can take both hands, one hand to hold your gun as well as another for holding the holster. That is not the best thing.

Additionally, having the capability to reholster the firearm single handed can be advantageous; for example, holding a kid, having the phone in hand while you call police, etc.


One most significant consideration when picking a holster will be how properly the holster can retain the gun.

It is likely you will not do acrobatics when carrying, however, if you have to put your hand on the weapon to hold this in place when jogging, you are about to give away yourself.

On the flip side, you do not need a holster which holds the weapon so firmly you cannot draw this under duress. However, if you are able to adjust the holster’s retention, it ensures a soft draw and retention.

Comfort And Ease:

If the holster tends to dig into your side, then you will desire to tear this off and chuck this away. A snug holster can stick with you throughout the day devoid of drawing any interest to itself.

Appropriately made belt clips, as well as a wide range of adjustability, will ensure that the holster can sit comfortably, regardless of whatever you wear.

The weight, on the other hand, can affect the comfort too. The weightier the holster, more likely it’s to weigh down you. The pistol can be heavy enough, then why add more weight?

The Kydex is a great choice for the holsters due to this. When it comes to ease and comfort, 1911 holster is the best option to go for.


The most significant thing to search in a great holster is exactly how well this can conceal under the clothes.

This can be the ideal retaining and suitable holster worldwide, however, if it shines like a big lump under the clothes, then you must leave this at home.

Holsters like Kydex fit the type of gun without including any notable bulk. It assists with concealment.

Additionally, you should search for adjustability; therefore you can easily move your holster to a height and angle which blends in properly with your clothes and body.

You will even have to make a vital decision now. OWB or IWB?

The hybrid IWB holster tend to be more concealable yet being a little bit less comfortable. They’re usually better in summertime when you will not be wearing sweater or jacket.

Easy Attachment:

The pistol cannot protect you if you have left this at home. I have left the gun at my house as it was simply too much discomfort to integrate this into my dress that day. Fortunately, nothing bad took place, but if this had then I might have been completely defenseless.

When you are selecting a holster, make an effort to pick one which is simple to take off and put on and will fit under many different clothing.


Last but not least, though choosing an ideal concealed carry holster can be troublesome, this helpful guide has made the process a piece of cake.

Just make sure to keep all the things mentioned above in mind while choosing the right one for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Now, make sure to share this post on social media with your friends. Also, let me know what you think about this post in the comment box below. Have a great time!

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