What is the Most Important Gear Do you Need for Deer Hunting?

deer hunting gear list

A quality rifle and good optics are among the basic things needed for a hunting trip. However, those two will not guarantee you success. This is the case when hunting deer. Before you take a shot to kill a deer, there is a lot of preparation one needs to do. There are several gears needed when hunting deer ranging from binoculars to trail cameras

Most deer feel safe in the thick in the woods, and that means getting close. You also need a good view and an ideal shooting distance. Without proper preparation, your deer hunting season will not be successful. So, what are the most important gears for deer hunting?

What are the most crucial deer hunting gears?

You obviously need to start with proper clothing, have the right weapon and proper gear. For the sake of this article, our focus is on the gears that will give you the edge. Our assumption is that you have camouflage and the ideal weapon ready. Now, let’s have a look at those crucial gears to carry with you.

Trail Cameras

Hunting deer is quite different from other games. You’re aiming to kill the biggest deer possible. However, you first must know where to find the deer and their activity patterns. Where do deer frequent most? You can only understand the deer movement by setting up trail cameras. Getting quality trail cameras and set them along paths. This will help you learn their activity pattern and movement.

Make sure you gather as much knowledge as possible about their movement. Check the times they come to feed, the routes they use and the time they go back. This will help you set your blind at the right place. Trail cameras are highly recommended since they help you gather as much data as possible without pressuring the deer.


Your eyes will not see far enough and this means you can spot deer that are far away. Imagine seeing something that appears like deer sneak through the woods. You don’t want to start trailing it without being sure if it is your ideal game. This is where binoculars come into play bringing the woods within your view.

You don’t need the binoculars to take a shot, but you need them to help spot deer at far distances. This way, you can place how to get within shooting distance.


Optics come in to complete your hunt by allowing you to shoot better. A lot has changed from when iron sights were the main hunting optics. There is a wide range of hunting optics to choose from spotting scopes to some sort of rifle scopes. With a quality optic, you’re able to aim and shoot your target at the right spot. Sights are scopes that enhance ethical hunting by ensuring you hit the deer where it will not survive. You want to make sure the shot taken does not leave the deer running injured.

Blinds and Stand

Depending on the hunt area, you need to go with either a blind or tree stand. Setting up a blind or a tree stand is a must when hunting for deer. This is the only way to stay hidden and let the deer wander to your range.

You can choose to buy camouflaged blinds or setup on the old-fashioned way. This is purely dependent on the area of the hunt and the deer patterns. This also goes to show the importance of trail cameras for deer hunting.

Deer Calls

Deer calls are decoys that imitate the deer sounds to help bring the deer close. For some people, deer hunting is just a hobby. However, for others, it is an art that needs to be perfected. Der calls help you speak the same language as deer. With deer calls, you can replicate the deer’s grunts, roars, bawls, bleats and wheezes.

Loud buck roars are ideal when hunting the big bucks. They are usually produced by mature and dominant bucks. However, such roars can also intimidate small bucks.

Deer Decoys

Deer decoys are another excellent way to bring deer closer to you. These decoys can influence deer behavior and bring them within the shooting range. However, most people have given up using deer decoys because they use them wrong.

Make sure you use a convincing decoy and get somewhere visible. The decoy should not have alarming scents that will scare away deer. If you’re using decoys and calls, then make sure the call sounds to match the decoy.

Well, these are just a few supporting gears to make your deer hunting success. Don’t take chances when deer hunting. Create a checklist and ensure you have everything ready.

Final verdict

Stocking up properly for the next deer hunting season is one of the best ways to prepare for successful deer hunting. According to Optics Addict, you need to start setting up trail cameras and tree stands early and get everything ready before the D-Day. There are higher chances of getting a deer kill if you have everything you need.

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