How To Use An IWB Holster

using iwb holster

using iwb holster

There’s no better or more convenient way to carry your firearm than using a holster, but it takes a little bit of know-how to figure out exactly how to wear it.

There are different types of holsters and they all vary depending on several factors including how you wear them, where you wear them, how to move around comfortably with them, and how to have them positioned correctly.

These varying factors determine how well you’re able to make use of the holster because just as there are different types of holsters, there are also different types of people. The body type of whoever is wearing a holster also matters because it would eventually determine how properly it fits when they wear it.

The need to use holsters in carrying firearms around cannot be overemphasized, neither can it be overlooked. Especially when you spend a lot of time around a lot of people, it is highly imperative that you’re as discreet as possible and that make your weapon unnoticed in public.

Also, just like you don’t want to make your weapon very conspicuous, you would be very much interested in the idea of not encountering hitches whenever you have to draw out your pistol.

Not only does the top rated IWB holster provide the best comfort when carrying your firearm around, but it also gives you less work to do when you need to draw out your weapon. This is because it sits perfectly on your waist and is also balanced on your body so that you don’t have to stress when you need to use it. However, you have to make sure that you’re wearing it the right way else you would feel uncomfortable.

To wear the holster properly, put it around your waist and have it stay on the side of your body you trust more. If it does not fit properly, have it adjusted till you find the most befitting angle so that it becomes easy for you to reach it.

There are a couple of tips you can use to master the process of getting used to holster-usage techniques. These tips will ensure your safety in using your firearm, and also teach you how best to make use of it with ease.

Your Holster And Gun Belt Need To Co-operate

The very first thing you need to put in check is that your gun belt, your holster, and every other related carrier item are working together.

You must check this because if there’s a mistake or a miscommunication between these items, they may not serve you well. You must make sure that the holster is held steadfast by the gun belt so that it fits properly and your gun does not have to slide into your side.

You know that the holster is in the right place if it is firm on your body when your waistband and your gun belt are both holding it tight and you still feel comfortable. The gun belt will be confirmed to be doing its job if the holster remains where you put it initially and it does not adjust to a more uncomfortable position.

Also, the belt is supposed to be in sync with your movement pattern, and nothing different from that. You may begin to wonder or imagine that having the holster properly worn entails a lot of work. Truly, you have to pay attention to every detail, but it is only because you have to do it right and master it. Once you’re sure that you have mastered the skill, it longer becomes much of a big deal for you.

Give Your Holster Some Space

Another thing you need to do is to make space for the holster. It doesn’t have to be squeezed into a tight space or angle else it creates room for discomfort. You want to always find it easy to draw out your weapon and one of the best ways to simplify that action is to always give your holster adequate room to perform its functions.

You should also know what size you wear, and be sure you’re buying the right holster size for your pistol. The size of the pants you wear would also determine the size of your gun belt. You may need to create more space on it (probably one more) so that it is also accommodating and so it does not give you any extra stress. You may not need to create another size in your belt if your pants are somewhat loose.

The basic reason why people do not move around with their firearms is that they feel uncomfortable when they do so. To not fall into this category, you need to emphasize ensuring that your holster and the pistol fit comfortably. A very effective way of doing this is establishing a healthy relationship between them both.

Giving your holster enough space also means that you have to find the perfect angle where it sits best into your waistband. But do not forget that you can switch between different angles until you find the spot that works best for you. You don’t have to bother about a particular angle working for someone else while it’s not working for you. People are different and their body types vary from one another.

How Do I Conceal My Holster And Firearm?

After you’ve gone through the stage where you have to find the best position to carry the holster, the next task is to have it concealed before using it to carry your gun.

Most people that have small-sized guns stick to the traditional method of using covering it with their shirt, and that works. An IWB holster helps make this option very easy and comfortable to use, but if your gun is quite bigger, that may not be an ideal option for you to use. Check more option for Iwb holsters from

Also, you can make adjustments to the positioning of the holster in a bid to tighten its grip and this is one other way to make it more comfortable to use.

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