How to Choose 1911 OWB Holster?

Choosing 1911 OWB Holsters

An iconic and elegant 1911 firearm requires a top-quality holster. You need a holster that is not just functional but also elegant and beautiful. The 1911 is one of the most iconic American handguns and one used by millions. Choosing the best 1911 holster is not difficult since it is mostly carried on the waistband. The OWB holster is the most common and popular when it comes to carrying 1911.

It is a versatile holster design that will keep your 1911 secure and safe. However, choosing the best OWB holster is not that easy. This is because if the numerous OWB holster models and brands in the industry. The main design of the holster features two leather pieces joined together with a well in the middle. While the material might vary, the basic design remains the same.

Nowadays, there are various variations of the first OWB holster but the main design remains the same. Some models are custom-molded to fit certain pistols. This makes selecting the best and most suitable 1911 OWB holster quite challenging. Below, we show you simple tips on how to choose 1911 OWB holster.

How to Choose 1911 OWB Holster?

Open or closed carry

Are you carrying your firearm on the outside or inside of the waistband? This is the first and most important consideration to make. The choice here usually comes down to what best works for you. For most law enforcement officers, an open side is great since they don’t have many restrictions on firearm carrying.

However, for civilians, an open-carry means wearing buggier shirts to have the holster covered. In most instances, a jacket might be enough to cover the firearm. However, if you don’t like wearing buggier shirts or a jacket, then consider a closed carry. You also need to make sure the holster does not show any prints.

Retention versus accessibility

Once you’ve decided on the type of carrying, you need to consider the gun accessibility and retention. Gun retention is quite important if you’re going to wear the holster on a daily basis. You need a holster that retains the firearm since most 1911 firearms are slim. A stiff holster is great regardless of the use since safety is a must at all times. One must feel safe when carrying the gun at all times. You also don’t want someone sneaking up and pulling your gun out.

However, when considering retention, one must also consider gun accessibility. How easy can you reach your gun in case of danger? For practice or use in the ranch, a quick draw is something you need to consider. You need to consider these two factors and have a balance. The ideal OWB holster must offer excellent gun retention and offer excellent accessibility.


The material used in the construction of the holster is another excellent feature to consider. Don’t go for the cheapest holster just to save a buck. Don’t go for the flashy and good looking plastic materials that will not last for long. Instead, consider quality leather materials. You also need to avoid those cheap elastic materials that break after a few weeks and months of use.

In fact, leather is the ideal 1911 OWB holster material. Leather is classy and versatile speaking to the iconic 1911. However, if you’re not into leather for one reason or another, then consider a polymer or Kydex holster. These materials are also durable and flexible for long-lasting use. In general, leather stands out as the best material choice for most OWB holsters.

Cant angle

Most OWB holsters fit the gun at different angles. The vertical cant angle is the most common but you get a few with varying angles. You also find other holsters with an adjustable angle for a comfortable fit. For cross and appendix draws, make sure you choose holsters with a negative cant angle.

Extra features

Make sure you also consider the extra holster features and choose one that best gives you value for money. Consider holsters that appear cool and practical. The holster design should also be superior and feature a good exterior finish.


Lastly, you can also consider the holster brand and choose from the leading industry leaders like Concealment Express, Alien Gear, CrossBreed, We The People Holsters, this further ensures one gets a quality and reliable holster. Leading industry brands also have better terms and warranty options.

Final verdict

Choosing the best 1911 OWB holster is not that difficult when you know what you want. Make sure you take into consideration the major holster features. Next, match the features with what works best for your firearm and choose accordingly.

The holster price should not be a major focus point. Instead, make sure the price matches the holster features. You don’t need to pay a premium price for a flashy plastic holster. However, you can pay more for a quality leather holster with exciting features. For any other carrying methods, I would suggest you to check out

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