About Us

Hello and Welcome to my AR-15/Gun Parts & Accessories blog.

I’m Troy and I can confess I love fantastic gears. In every industry you will find thousands of mediocre products, but I love finding the gem in what I do. The best stuff doesn’t always mean expensive as most people think.

I’m thrilled that you’ve finally decided to follow your enthusiasm for weaponry! It is an honor that you’ve chosen our site, and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m enthusiastic about rifles as you do and believe in building my AR-15 as compared to buying one. This is your site for AR-15 parts, guns and gun accessories. If you’re looking to buy your AR for the first time or build one, then you’re at the right place.

I started this blog to share my vision about AR-15 parts, guns, and gun accessories. I look forward to sharing some of the best pieces of information that I think are essential on the AR. Join me as we form the leading online community discussing one of the most dangerous you can buy. It is my firm belief that an AR is as strong as the weakest spring that makes it. Getting your AR-15 parts and accessories ready is essential especially when you need your gun at hand. 

I also promote and encourage the safe exercise of our civil rights which include the outright responsibility of each person to defend one’s self and family.

If you have any suggestion that you want to share with us, please let us know here. We are always looking to interact with our readers.