11 Best Sit On Top Kayak Reviews & Buying Guide For 2019

You have reached the perfect place to guide you to buy the best sit on top kayak.

The Sit On Top Kayak or in short SOT is becoming popular day by day. They are very similar to the traditional sit in kayaks in terms of the hull shape.

But sit on top kayaks gains the attention because of the comfort it provides for the people who love water adventures.

With a traditional sit in kayaks, the paddler’s were forced to put their legs and lower part of the body inside the hull. But with a sit on top kayaks (SOT) this problem is solved. In SOT, the paddler’s sit on a molded-in depression. This is very convenient for the paddler’s with long legs or fat body.

Sit on top kayaks is also beneficial for the novice or recreational people.

There are many models and brands in the market.Each model is made to serve different purposes.You’ll know about it soon.

Factors To Look Into While Buying A Sit On Top Kayak

If you are well aware of all the factors to be considered before buying a kayak, then you are free to skip this and move onto reviews below.


As I have said, different brands created their models for different purposes.The main uses are fishing, surfing, touring, scuba diving and many more.So it is necessary to choose a kayak depending upon your needs.

2-Seating Capacity

This is another factor to look into while buying a kayak.If you want to have the adventure with your spouse or children or pet, then there are kayaks that allow 2 to 14 person at once.

3-Material used

Different companies use different materials to produce their kayaks. Some are made out of fiberglass, but most of the kayaks are made from durable,tough, inexpensive molded plastic.


The stability of the kayak should be considered. It depends on various factors.If the kayak is wider, then it is more stable.But I recommend not to buy a highly stable kayak because it’ll decrease your adventure level.Buy a semi-stable kayak and you’ll learn to balance very quickly.


The speed of the kayak is yet another factor to consider. The speed of the kayak mainly depends on the length of the kayak.More the length, more will the speed of the kayak.If you are planning to kayak with children, consider a less speed kayak.


Always pay an attention to the maximum weight capacity of the kayak.Most of the kayak allows many people, but heavy people will make the overall weight to be more than the allowed weight.
The kayaks also provide small storage spaces for carrying your favourite beverages and snacks.


Overall performance of the kayak should be considered.A kayak with good performance can handle every situation.It can also make you more adventurous.


The comfort of the kayak should be considered before buying one. Some of the kayaks provide extra features such as back rest integrated seats, bulkhead, cup holders,carry bags and so on.

I recommend you read this perfect guide to pick the best kayak for all your need from Cotrout.org

Top Sit on Top Recreational kayak

1-Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Frenzy kayak by Ocean Kayak is one of the best sit on top recreational kayak for beginners.The kayak is 9 feet in length and weighs 41.8 pounds.You can easily carry the kayak on a cartop or behind a pickup.

It is a single seater kayak that allows you to carry weights up to 325lbs.It means you can easily carry your pet along with you throughout the adventures.

Additional features include bow and stern carry handles,molded-in cup holder and so on.The replaceable rear skid plate adds durability to the kayak.

2-Lifetime Manta Tandem Sit on Top Kayak (Includes Paddles and Backrests)

Lifetime Manta is the newcomer in the family of kayak boats.It is a multipurpose recreational kayak. You can do fishing, sailing or surfing with Manta SOT kayak.

The 10 foot 81-pound boat is protected by a hard shell body.This makes it one of the strongest kayak.The tunnel hull design of the kayak provides extra stability and great tracking.

The kayak can also hold up to 3 people.This makes it the best choice for people who wants to do kayaking with partners.

3-Emotion Stealth Kayak seMotion

With Emotion Stealth, they have enhanced their name.

This best sit on top kayak is made out of roto-molding from ultra-durable UV protected linear polyethylene plastic.This material also reduces the weight and hence, Emotion Stealth weighs 59 pounds.

Another great feature of Emotion Stealth is the ST performance hull that offers exceptional speed along with a fabulous performance and stability.It also provides a lot of storage space to keep your things safely without wetting.

All I can conclude is that this kayak is a beast!

4-Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

It is the best and most recommended fishing kayak from Ocean Kayak.The product is made specifically for the purpose of fishing.

The hull is designed in such a way that it delivers maximum performance and stability.The design is also capable of handling both calm and rough water.The kayak weighs 56 pounds which are another advantage for the paddlers.

The kayak also comes with additional features such as extra comfort seats, 2-rod holders, 6″ hatch with storage bucket, 2 cup holders, 2 paddle keeps, skid plate.It also has a large front hatch that provides easy access to bow to stern internal storage.

5-Sun Dolphin Bali SS Sit-On Kayak(12-Feet)

Bali SS sit on top kayak is one of the best product from Sun Dolphin.This best sit on top fishing kayak comes with a very good tracking and paddling capabilities.It also maximises the stability of the kayak.

The Bali SS kayak weighs 51 pound which is less as compared to other sit on top kayak of this category.This weightlessness will help you to easily balance the kayak even when you have very less number of people to paddle.

One of the top features of this kayak is PAC(Portable Accessory Carrier) that adds up the storage space of your kayak.This can also be used as a backpack during adventures.

The kayak also contains flush mounted fishing rod holder that will help when you are fishing.They also provide protective thigh pads to make you safe from injuries.

Another best feature is fully adjustable braces and paddle holder that can hold paddles without making any discomfort for the riders.

6-Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak

You might be wondering “how can I take such a lengthy kayak to different places that I go.”The answer for this question is given by Advanced Elements.

As the name suggests StraightEdge is a lightweight inflatable kayak.

This hot kayak is made out of the durable aluminium body.The unique design and material define the bow and stern.It also increases the tracking of the kayak in a much better way.

The kayak is set up in such a way that it bail itself in bigger waves whereas close ports in calm water.The unique and best feature of this best sit on top kayak is inflatability.This makes it very easier and handy to carry to wherever you like.

The kayak is completely pre-assembled in the factory.You just have to unfold it, inflate the kayak and attach the seat.That’s all!

The seat covers are built with top quality material that provides comfort even if you are paddling for many hours.The kayak is made out of heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin that can resist any kind of puncturing situations.It means you can use it for a long time without any problems.

7-Malibu Kayaks X-13 Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak

Malibu Kayaks is a well-known company that produces top notch kayaks for various purposes.The X-13 Fish is the latest model from Malibu that comes with a bunch of features.

This kayak is a good fishing and recreational sit on top kayak.The kayak measures 13 feet 10 inches long and weighs 60 pounds.The kayak provides different speeds and good stability.

Since X-13 is a fishing kayak, it contains lots of storage space in various parts of the kayak.The kayak containstwo rod holders at front and rear for an excellent fishing experience.It also consists of a large gator hatch in the bow with a bungee system.

The boat also has wide cockpit area along with self-drying seats that provides maximum comfort.Other features include adjustable foot track system, eyelets, drain plug with base, nylon hooks, bow and stern handles,side carry handles/paddle holders.

8-Coleman Quikpak(TM) K1 1-Person Kayak

Coleman Quickpak is yet another highly durable sit on top inflatable kayak.This inflatable kayak just takes 5 minutes to inflatecompletely.The backpack can be turned into the seat which will save space.

This kayak can only hold a single person, no matter if it is a child or an adult.The 21 Gauge PVC construction provides durability and stability to the kayak.The bottom is made out of tarpaulin that can protect the kayak from tearing and punctures.

The whole inflating chamber is divided into different sections.That means even if one chamber gets punctured, rest of the chambers can still stay inflated.

The backrest and adjustable footrest provide the best-sitting position for you without compromising space and comfort.The kayak comes with Double Lock valves that use two locking points for easier inflation and deflation.The carry handles make it easy for you to carry the kayak in and out of the water.Coleman Quikpak(TM) K1 1-Person Kayak2

The complete package also comes with a hand pump and paddle.The weight of the kayak is just 18.5 pounds and this makes it one of the lightest kayaks available in the market.Though the weight is very less, still it can hold up to 400lbs weight.

9-Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Another best sit on top recreational kayak from Ocean Kayak.This 2 seater kayak is perfect for couples with a child to experience adventures.

This kayak is one of the most popular kayaks in the price range.It comes with a bunch of top class features and makes it a best multipurpose sit on top kayak.

The kayak comes with 3 different positions bow, stern and middle for different purposes like paddling solo or tandem or tandem with a child.

The kayak comes with two comfort plus seats along with unique foot wells and molded-in handles to provide you maximum comfort throughout the kayaking.There is also three molded-in seat wells and gear straps and a skid plate to add more security.

The hull and decks are designed in such a manner that it gives more space and allows easy stacking of multiple hulls.The boat in 12 feet in length which means you can stretch your leg completely even if you have the extra lengthy leg.

10-Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14 Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak

The Stealth 14 is a 14 feet giant that is loaded with premium features to make our adventure comfortable and entertaining.

The most convenient feature of this kayak is the semi auto mid-ship bait tank storage system.You just have to fit the plumbing kit and flip a switch.

…..BOOM! The self-draining system will start to work.

You also have some storage space around the tank in the middle of the kayak.The kayak is well known for its amazing stability and top-notch performance in the water.It has a patented casting platform and live well tank storage system that will help fishing enthusiasts.

The deluxe hinged front gator hatch comes with a bungee system.The design of the hatch adds beauty to the kayak.

The kayak doesn’t compromise anything on customers comfort.This boat guarantees one of the most comfortable seating system along with adjustable foot rack.Other features include 2 front and rear rod holders, cup holder, eyelets, side carry paddle holders and many more.

Though the price is a little bit high as compared to other sit on top kayaks on the market, this kayak satisfies the customers with their advanced features and non-compromising comfort.

11-Future Beach Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

Future Beach is a 10 feet roto-molded sit on top fishing kayak.The dihedral hull of the boat provides utmost stability and great tracking in the water.

The kayak also comes with the self-bailing cockpit.The flush mounted rod holders is kept in such a way that it is easily accessible to the kayaking person.

This kayak comes with one of the largest stern well with bungees that has a 5-gallon storage capacity.The kayak also has round shaped dry hatch at the stern and centre.

Other useful features include carrying handles on sides, stern and bow, cup holders and dry plug integration.The kayak weighs around 75 pounds and comes with two color variants.

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