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As a AR15 parts manufacturer and distributor for 30 years, we strive to give you the best service and products we can. Our AR15 weapons kits are all U.S. Made to government Military specifications, Barrels, upper receivers, bolt carriers, lower parts kits Etc, are all manufactured by U.S. military contractors. No foreign parts are used in our AR15 kits. This includes not only carbine and rifle kits, but the AR15 pistol kits as well. Upper assemblies are properly head spaced and test fired. 2012 is our 30th anniversary serving your AR15 needs. We are here for you offering "technical Assistance" and advice for you when you need it. So if you do have a problem with any of our products just pick up the phone or e-mail us for help. We will help you the best we can and stand behind all our products 100%.


 AR15/M16 Bolt Carriers complete In Stock Now !   Hurry Limited Supply. US. MADE, G.I. Contract. 5.56mm $125.00,   7.62x39 $130.00 chrome bolt.

BACK IN STOCK. AR15  7.62x39 16" uppers and Complete Weapons Kits.

AR15 5.56mm and 7.62x39mm  7.5" 1st and 2nd. gen. pistol kits IN STOCK !

AR15 7.62x39 10 & 30 rd. mags,  $18.00 ea. in stock.

AR15 9mm. AR.carbine kits, 9mm. AR pistol kits, comming soon.

AR15 9mm. kits use Stengun mags,31 rd. Mags are only $10.00 ea.  EX. Cond.



AR15 Complete uppers and weapons kits available. NOW!

Also have AR15 Billet upper receivers left.Can build complete Uppers and kits.

AR15 IN STOCK, While Supplies Last, 16 " FN. M4 and HBAR 1-7 twist,  Fabrique National, Belgium. Mfg. in there factory in So. Carolina. original US. GI. military contractor. Very limited supply.


AR15 1-7 Twist G.I. Chrome Lined FN Barrels Only $249.95

AR15 Complete uppers and kits available.

AR15 14.5" M4 uppers complete 1-7 twist in stock, $495.00

AR15 14.5" 1-7 twist & 16" 1-9 twist non Chrome Lined HBAR and M4 barrels, $199.00.

AR15 Complete uppers and kits available.

AR15 Match Bull barrels in stock.

AR15 Complete uppers, HBAR or M4 weapons kits available NOW ! M4 flattop Uppers and Flattop Billet receivers available.         Limited supply

AR15 Side Charger uppers available in 5.56 and 7.62x39.


AR15 30 rd. AR. mags, C. products w/ non tilt followers, $18.00 ea.


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